Monday, March 17, 2014

Everglades National Park - Long Pine Key Campground

This is our first National Parks entry. These entries are delayed as there is no Internet service inside EVERGLADES NATIONAL PARK 

The Everglades has two seasons, dry and wet. The wet season begins somewhere around April/May. The wet season isn't tourist season because of the extreme weather, extreme heat, and mosquitoes. Plus  the majority of animals go further north where people are unable to go.  We caught the tail end of the Dry Season visiting in mid March

Our first stop was the COE VISITOR CENTER. Don't go into the park until you've stopped here. We picked up maps and the Jr Ranger Activity book for Isaac to complete to become a Jr Ranger.

Made sure we had a full tank of gas and continued on into the Park (paying the park fee $10.00/ 7 days) to LONG PINE KEY CAMPGROUND. It's the first big campground  off the main Park road about 6 miles in from the gate. It is rustic, no showers or electrical hook ups.  They have really clean bathrooms. $16/night. We chose this location because of its proximity to several Ranger Programs, as well as some wilderness trails. It's a nice quiet campground because there are no electrical hook ups.

For today we wandered around the campsite slowly getting to know our new surroundings. At one end of the campground there is an amphitheater just beyond a small pond. As we were walking there we saw a Black Racer snake go from the pond into the hammock.

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