Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Everglades National Park - Anhinga Trail

Hello from Sunny Florida!

We call this the "not to be missed"Anhinga Trail at the Royal Palm Visitor Center. Royal Palm is the closest area to the Park Gate.

When we drove into the parking lot for the first time and saw some of the cars covered in blue tarps we thought it odd. Then we saw the vultures….pecking and pulling at a windshield wiper blades and rubber window trim of an uncovered car. Apparently they get bored and this is what they do for amusement.

The Anhinga Trail is mainly a boardwalk. You can certainly walk the .7mile without the Ranger but the free program started out with classroom time, learning all about the watershed and history of the Everglades, and proceeded with a narrated hike. Isaac drank in the Ranger's wisdom and asked questions freely.

This is THE place to see alligators up close from a safe distance.
The photo above is a baby alligator. We tried to find it's mother but she was well hidden.

 After the 2 hour program (the brochure says 1.5 hours but as I am learning..."it's South Florida ...everything takes a little longer") we wandered for another hour revisiting things we liked, particularly the nesting Anhingas. They nest in the Pond Apple tree. The Everglades have had a wet dry season.

There was a brood of Anhingas that had hatched recently. The eggs were still visible. Hard to see in the bottom photo, half way down on the left in the tree. They are fuzzy cream color and the egg shell is white.

We like to linger…just be here.

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